Book Reviews


  • Jon Newton


Community Engagement After Christendom
Disciples & Friends: Investigations in Disability, Dementia and Mental Health
Freeing Congregational Mission: a Practical Vision for Companionship, Cultural Humility and Co-development
From Inclusion to Justice: Disability, Ministry and Congregational Leadership
From the Inside Out: Reimagining Mission, Recreating the World
Grounded in the Body, in Time and Place, in Scripture: Papers by Australian Women Scholars in the Evangelical Tradition
Living for Shalom: The Story of Ross Langmead
Words for a Dying World: Stories of Grief and Courage from the Global Church
Mental-Illness Behavior Sin or Sickness?
Positive Psychology at the Movies: Using Films to Build Character Strengths and Well-Being
Redeeming Dementia: Spirituality, Theology and Science
Religion’s Sudden Decline: What’s Causing It and What Comes Next?
Revitalizing the Declining Church: From Death’s Door to Community Growth
The Missionary Spirit: Evangelism and Social Action in Pentecostal Missiology
The Rainbow and the Cross: Help for Pastors: Church Practice Concerning
Biblical Sexuality