Discipling Kenyan Gen Z’s on Sexuality: Reflections from the Global Study on Youth Culture


  • Kevin Muriithi


The African continent is among the youngest continents in terms of its demographic make-up. This means that strategic ministry within the continent must engage African youth. While there is some research surrounding millennials, there is a gap in research surrounding Gen Z, that is, those born after the 2000s. Fortunately, there has been recent research on Global Youth Culture (GYC) by OneHope that explored different aspects of Gen Z (ages 13-19) youth culture in twenty countries in five continents, Kenya being one of them. This article is a theological reflection of the findings of that research, exploring the implications for discipling Gen Z in the specific area of sexuality. While similarities are drawn between African (Kenyan) youth culture and other countries, this article also considers how the African (Kenyan) society in general still views sexuality as a taboo topic and how Church leaders can help parents and congregations to approach the topic of sexuality from a biblical worldview perspective and to engage in compassionate ministry.


Gen Z; Practical Theology; Youth Culture; Youth Ministry; Youth Sexuality.

Author Biography

Kevin Muriithi

Dr. Kevin Muriithi Ndereba (PhD, University of South Africa) is Lecturer and Head of Department, Practical Theology, St. Paul’s University, Kenya. He is also a Research Fellow, Department of Practical Theology and Missiology, Stellenbosch University.. He has several publications in the areas of youth ministry, youth development, practical and public theology and apologetics. He leads Apologetics Kenya, an apologetics ministry to the next generations, previously served as a youth pastor in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and is an executive committee member of the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology and the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry.